The Post Animal Refuge Center was founded in 2010.  We have had over 650 animals through our shelter and adopted over 575 into permanent homes.  We have seen a decrease in the number of abandoned animals in our area and in the number of dogs euthanized at the City of Post Shelter.  When we started PARC the city was euthanizing 120 dogs per year.  That has decreased by over fifty.

We house 18-20 dogs continually at the shelter.  About 10% of the animals we find are reunited with their original owners.  It is a true bright spot for our volunteers to reunite a lost animal with a distraught owner.

We have also impacted rescues in our community by administering a State of Texas grant that assisted with spay/neuter of almost 300 animals in Garza and the surrounding counties.  This is the most effective way to reduce the number of unwanted litters and we will continue to offer assistance as funds are available.

We participate in educational opportunities with schools and local organizations on the need for spay/neuter and new pet ordinances.  As well as specialized classes with reputable local trainers on rattlesnake awareness and safty.

Through partnership with national organizations we have assisted family’s to better care for their pets by helping them build enclosures for their dogs.

The Shelter survives on donations and volunteers. There are always opportunities for anyone who would like to make a difference in a shelter dog’s life by volunteering at Post Animal Refuge Center.

 Post Animal Refuge Center continues to grow and contribute as an organization to make an ongoing positive impact on our community, the people and the animals we serve.