Golden Clover 4H club went to their annual visit to the Post Animal Refuge Center. Their community service project this month was to collect canned dog food, treats, toys and monetary donations. The kids had so much fun playing ball and tug of war with these amazing dogs.

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Gracie’s Puppies

All have found their forever homes.

All of Gracie’s Puppies have been fixed and are up to date on their shots.

Kacy and her puppies

Kacy has had 4 healthy puppies.  They are growing fast and will soon be up for adoption.


All Yorkie puppies have been adopted.

Yorkies from the raided puppy mill will be in quarantine or on hold until the 2nd of August.  There has now been a over site committee  formed to determine who will get the adoptions.


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PARC now has a new van, complete with wrap.  The acquisition of the van will allow us to take dogs to PetSmart and other adoption events year round in any type of weather.  Until now we have be limited to 3 or 4 dogs depending on volunteer vehicles and weather.  Now, we can take 6+ dogs in any weather.